drunken night

The Beginning

Rey&I came to life today.

I started thinking about this roughly a year ago. I wish this idea came to me on a drunken night, only to be blissfully ignored the next morning. I was dead sober at 6 am. I woke up one day, having to leave for a beach holiday in two hours and unable to find my only pair of swim shorts. After ravaging my room for half an hour, I eventually did find the faded pink Rip Curl in my winter wardrobe – a blue IKEA bag that sits under my bed and houses all things woollen.

This moment of terror made me question why do us men settle for the banal when it comes to swimwear? Men are now unabashedly interested in style. We have access to more information, inspiration and influencers and can talk more openly about what we want to wear. And then there is pressure. Our vanity is writing cheques our bodies can’t cash. God forbid someone takes a picture of you (or with you) and your style is incompatible with the Instagram filter of the day. So, if a man doesn’t wear chinos or jeans with an elasticated waistband, why does that change when he goes to the beach?

Do more with less

Rey&I is on a simple mission. We want to dress you stylishly and comfortably on your holiday. In doing so, we also want to simplify the male wardrobe. A Rey&I short is a seasonless, versatile piece designed to be worn in any setting. Fewer things, fewer decisions.

Inspired by Savile Row, Rey&I has created swim shorts with a bespoke tailored fit that cuts a slim silhouette. In plain English, imagine a formal pair of trousers trimmed to mid-thigh. If you are looking for a drawstring, mesh lining or back pocket, you will be disappointed. Instead, you will find a stiff waistband fastened by a snap button, custom zip fly, side pockets and subtle embroidery.

The shorts are made from a super soft fabric that dries incredibly fast. This means if you are done with the pool, you can pull on a dressy shirt and head straight to the bar. Rey&I is designed for any man with any body shape because having something that’s tailored is ultimately more flattering.

Slowing fast fashion

Even before I picked the first short color, I was obsessing about sustainability. As a brand, as a company, the goal is to consume zero plastic and generate minimal waste. I am proud to say that we have achieved both to a great extent. Our packaging is 100% plastic free. We don’t use clothing labels or paper invoices. Best of all, the fabrics are made from regenerated marine litter such as plastic bottles and discarded fishing nets. We still have a lot more to do, but the intent is loud and clear.

Ultimately, Rey&I is a labour of love. We started with swimwear for men. We will soon introduce a line for boys and later, expand into diverse resortwear. All this, while figuring out the difference between teal and cyan!

Rey&I is my happy place. I hope it becomes yours.

- Nishant
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