Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes

As the sun rises over the Arabian Sea, our gigantic ferry makes its way from Princess Docks in Mumbai towards the tiny Alibaug coast. Along the way we pass oil rigs and tankers, these monoliths make a perfect backdrop for our first photoshoot of the day. We used every part of the ferry – lounge, rampway, balconies and passenger decks –  to showcase the soft comfort of Rey&I. We paired our shorts with neutral tops to complete the casual, yet classy travel look. This was also the first time we were filming in a 100% public setting, indulging curious onlookers with a mini Bollywood spectacle!

We disembarked at Alibaug to be greeted by a very long pier. As we were the last to get off the ferry, this pier was empty and just begging to be photographed. The light was perfect and we got some lovely shots of our model cat-walking down the pier clutching an overnighter. Our Rey&I shorts are so versatile and can be used in so many settings, you can pack light for a long weekend away. Our shorts are great for travelling, arriving and getting into vacay mode right from your doorstep.

Our crew of six grew to eight as we were joined by drivers to take us to Thal beach on the west coast of Alibaug. The gentle sound of waves kissing the shore sets the perfect ambiance for a day of fun, creativity, and stunning photography. Behind the scenes, our learn-on-the-go team of stylists, makeup artists, and photographers are hard at work, ensuring every detail is meticulously curated for the shoot. From selecting the trendiest swimwear pieces to perfecting hair and makeup looks that exude effortless beach glamour, our goal is to capture the essence of summer in every frame. On the beach we found beautiful nooks – rich foliage, craggy rocks, disused shacks – to highlight the intense colour play of a Rey&I print. The juxtaposition was perfect.

It was now past well past midday and we were getting hot and hungry. We made our way to the final location of this photoshoot – a spectacular family villa, the kind that made Alibaug famous. The villa is a true hidden gem that perfectly complements the vibrancy of our swimwear collection. We order pizza and wash it down with many cups of chai. As the cameras start rolling, we encourage our model to let loose and embrace the joy of the moment. From playful splashing in the pool to impromptu dances in the garden to impersonating famous actors, our model captures authentic moments that reflect the carefree spirit of Rey&I.

With each click of the shutter, our creative vision comes to life. From bold, eye-catching poses to artistic angles that showcase the intricate details of our swimwear designs, every shot is a testament to the passion and dedication of our talented team.

After a long day of shooting under the sun, we move to the shady rooftop lounge of the villa where we film our closing scenes. The 5 am start to the day seems worth it seeing our model decked in our yet-to-be-launched Rey&I range of resortwear. As the final images are checked, we can't help but feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. From social media teasers to full-fledged advertising campaigns, we can't wait to share the magic of our swimwear photoshoot with you.

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