Our Summer Check List for your Resort Wardrobe

Our Summer Check List for your Resort Wardrobe

Tickets. Check. Resort booking. Check. Sight-seeing itinerary. Check. Water sports and endless beach days. Double check!

Finding it hard to focus on work as the mercury rises and your summer travels beckon? If you’re mentally already there but haven’t yet fished out those old, elasticated, drawstring swim trunks that feature in all your holiday pictures to date, we’ve caught you in time.

Rather than grab what you’ve got and head for holiday, a little planning ahead and investing in a few classic, multi-functional staples can transform your holiday look from basic to bespoke. It’s simple, just follow these hacks:

Tailored cut swim shorts

Comfort doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. Men’s swim shorts have come a long way from the elasticated, drawstring variety we all thought we were bound to wear because of the “give”. We have options now. Bold, tailored cuts, sleek silhouettes that suit any size or shape, in stretchy and sustainable fabrics. These sophisticated options work wet or dry, for those days when the tour leads to the bar and then to dinner. Pair your printed shorts with a solid t-shirt, polo or linen button-down. Team that alluring pop-of-colour solid pair of swim shorts with a holiday print and mix and match.  Investing in a smart cut swim short, made from a soft and stretchy fabric, will result in many comfortably classic looks. 

Great Skin

Nothing sets off a holiday look as much as that proverbial glow and it’s not just the ladies who radiate confidence when their skin game is on point. Gentleman, take note. Building a few simple practices into your daily routine and your skin could be your winning accessory this summer.

Nothing sets off a holiday look as much as that proverbial glow and it’s not just the ladies who radiate confidence when their skin game is on point. Gentleman, take note. Building a few simple practices into your daily routine and your skin could be your winning accessory this summer.

Let’s start with SPF. While we thought it was MasterCard we were never supposed to leave home without, it turns out that the real cardinal sin is leaving home without sunblock (minimum 30 SPF and a PA+++ rating!). Don’t just assume you can use what has been packed for the family. Men have thicker skin and need the right consistency to blend well without a pasty, caked-on look that may stick to stubble. You want to make sure what you use will suit your skin without weighing it down. Find more deets here https://www.mensxp.com/grooming/skincare/130279-best-sunscreens-for-men-with-sensitive-skin.html and remember to keep applying every few hours, especially if you’re spending time in the water.

You can up your skin care game beyond sunblock with this magic-in-a-bottle serum. The Amrutini Transforming serum strengthens, firms and restores with powerful scientific processes like biotransformation.
Amrutini® True Brew is an ultra-lightweight and intensely transformative serum that penetrates deep into the skin’s layers and helps restore its elasticity and strength.⁣⁠This high-powered serum is crafted with a blend of Muga Silk, Silver Tips Imperial Tea, Ashwagandha, Niacinamide, Vegan Ghee to heal, repair and strengthen the deepest layers of your skin - leaving it firmer, smoother and youthful.



Simple trainers, espadrilles or any other comfortable slip-ons, and slides or flip flops, are likely the only types of footwear you will need from the airport, throughout the trip and back. Espadrilles are slip on shoes, usually made of canvas, jute, or even braided grass. The natural look makes them relaxed, comfortable, and smart. For poolside and on the beach, slip resistant slides are the way to go. For days that may include sight-seeing and more walking, simple trainers team well with any look. Make sure to pack shoe liners and no show socks for no-chaffing, optimal comfort.



While we love the simplicity of a basic cotton t-shirt, adding a few more options will make it easy to go from, well, basic - to suave, allowing you to layer up or down, as the temperature and setting may demand. Cuban collar button down linen shirts, polos with 2-3 buttons or resort collars all make for great options. Short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts both work and whites and pastels usually set off a tan quite well. Just make sure to look for lightweight and breathable fabrics like linen, terrycloth and sustainable options like hemp, and bamboo.

A light Jacket in linen or seersucker: Planning a night on the town and want to step up the style a bit? Adding this one article of clothing will be the perfect layer of sophistication. Again, keeping it cool refers to the temperature just as much as it does the overall look of the outfit, which is why we suggest light linens or smart seersucker fabrics that will need less ironing. Seersucker fabrics are cottons with textured stripes or chequered patterns.

Trousers: Being on holiday doesn’t mean dressing down. One our favorite ways to nail the relaxed casual look is with linen drawstring trousers in neutrals and pastels that team well with a simple t-shirt or even layered with a shirt or jacket. For those of you who don’t want to deal with wrinkles and ironing, some low-maintenance trouser options are anti-wrinkle cotton beach pants or chinos.

Tote: In an ideal world, everything would fit in our pockets or would be on our phones and we could walk around, hands-free. Realistically, we do need things like wallets, caps, sunglass cases, sun block for those oh-so-important top ups, towels and that’s just for ourselves. If you don’t want to kill your entire vibe by ending up with a kid or ladies beach bag because that’s what’s handy, then take the time to get yourself something that will complement and not kill your look. A basic, spacious neutral fabric tote works well and anything with pockets, a slot for a phone, a section for wet clothes and a zipper, gets extra points for functionality.

Shades: You’ve got to protect your blinkers. Apart from looking good, sunglasses protect your eyes from glare and UV rays. Wayfarers or aviators are timeless additions that are seasonless and worthy investments you will use long after the tan wears off.

Sporty watch: A sporty watch that’s waterproof and maybe even clocks your movement and activity is not only functional, it also completes your look. If you don’t want to miss any important messages, even when you’re swimming and may not have your phone handy, opt for options that sync to your phone messaging. Sports watches can range from Timex to Rolex but you don’t need an investment heavy option to do the trick. If you’re investing, then buy what you’ll use beyond the holiday.



Don’t usually wear jewellery? Holidays are a great time to break out of that box and experiment with your style and look. Feel free to try a close to the collar necklace or bracelets. Beads, chord or even rubber make for interesting necklaces and bracelets. Stack a few if you can’t decide. Remember, it’s a holiday look so have fun!

You can’t go wrong with a simple straw lor white canvas fedora to complete the look. Remember these don’t travel well if packed into a suitcase and tend to lose their shape so be prepared to tote this along with your hand luggage. Most high street brands offer easy breezy options.

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