Travel in Bond’s footsteps: 10 getaways to make you feel like 007

Travel in Bond’s footsteps: 10 getaways to make you feel like 007

Being the pre-eminent super spy that he is, James Bond gets to travel to his fair share of exotic locales. Having been on our screens for over half a century now, the globe-trotting lady killer has been everywhere from Yugoslavia to Mexico, and he’s not done yet. With Spectre scheduled for release at the end of this year, we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favourite Bond locations that you can head to right now. Here are 10 getaways to make you feel like 007.


It’s no secret that Ian Fleming loved Jamaica. He famously lived and spent most of his time there in his later years, and when Dr. No came to our screens in 1962, it was the location that stayed with us for longest. Dr No filmed across Jamaica, but the most famous scene of all; a bikini-clad Honey Ryder emerging from the azure waters, was shot on Laughing Waters, a private beach in the exclusive Roaring Rivers.

Whilst you may not be able to sun-bathe there yourself, tours of the area can be enjoyed at This apartment located on the neighbouring Eden Sands Beach is suitably Bond-esque. It will set you back £272 per night.



You Only Live Twice was the most ambitious Bond film to date upon its release in 1967, featuring the incredible SPECTRE volcano hideout. The volcano in question was the Shinmoedake volcano, which is now active so we advise you avoid it at all costs.

If you are looking to follow Bond’s footsteps though, a stay in the New Otani Hotel in Tokyo (pictured below) is a must. In the film, the hotel acted as the Osato Chemicals headquarters and it’s a great base for exploring the rest of the city.



Roger Moore’s Bond took on the evil Scaramanga on his remote island, Khao Phing Kan, in The Man with the Golden Gun. Now known to many as ‘James Bond Island’, it’s a popular tourist spot that boasts numerous sandy beaches and coves.

A visit to James Bond Island is best done by canoe. Phuket Tours allow you to get closer than ever, allowing you to experience the famous limestone rock featured in the film. Their prices are unbeatable, too.



Bond’s foray into Brazil is highlighted by a cable car fight with none other than Jaws himself. With views over the bay of Rio de Janeiro, the car transports visitors to the peak of Sugarloaf Mountain.

After a ride to the top a stay in an apartment worthy of 007 is an essential. This villa, with views across the Brazilian capital should fit the bill.



In retrospect, the latter half of the Moore-era was a tad over-the-top, although it’s hard not to enjoy films like Octopussy for all their glamorous pomp. For the film, Bond jetted to India in chase of Kamal Khan, taking in exotic locations such as a floating palace in Udaipur, which was home to numerous beauties (pictured above). In real life the Taj Lake Palace is a luxurious retreat, which you can stay at for your left kidney, or a few hundred quid per night.



The opening scene of Goldeneye, Pierce Brosnan’s first Bond film, was one of the finest. That single bungy jump off the Contra Dam in Switzerland made us want to be 007 more than ever.

A short flight to Ticino, Switzerland can remedy this though, as you can jump off the dam yourself.



One of the most exciting Bond car chases of all occurred on the Iclandic pastures of the Jökulsárlón lagoon. Bond’s trusty Aston outsmarted the fiendish green Jaguar of diamond-faced Zao in a gripping battle across the ice.

Amphibian boat tours can be enjoyed across the picturesque scenery of Jökulsárlón, allowing you to experience the mammoth icebergs and thriving sea-life of the area.



For most of us, a stay in the Bahamas cannot be beaten. Bond may well agree with that, having headed there no less than seven times. The brooding Daniel Craig jetted there in 2006, looking every bit the suave secret agent.

The One&Only Ocean Club played a large role in the film. Bond beat Alex Dimitrios in a game of poker there, winning an Aston Martin DB5 before he seduced Dimitrios’ girlfriend in his suite. Whilst we can’t promise the same will happen to you, you can book up now for the summer.



For his 22nd outing, Bond once again faces SPECTRE head on. Another thrilling car chase, this time along Lake Garda, is preceded by a rooftop chase in Siena.

Re-live (part) of the action by heading to the Spanish city during Il Palio, an intense horse race held twice a year, which featured in the movie itself.




For many, Skyfall was the best Bond film yet. It had it all, including one of the best chase scenes in recent movie memory, right through the heart of Turkey’s Istanbul.

One of the finest hotels in Istanbul, the Neorion offers superb views over the capital and beyond. Bond would approve.



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