Swim In Style With A Range Of Rey&I Colourful Swim Shorts

Swim In Style With A Range Of Rey&I Colourful Swim Shorts

Winter is here and those who love chilling around in the pool must be dreading this season. Most of us do not like the chilly winds that force us to drape ourselves in layers of clothes and just snuggle into warmer environments. The cold season simply steals away all the fun, special the blissful feeling of just relaxing on the beach in your favourite shorts. And of course, you miss the chilled cocktails, loose and comfortable clothes and not to forget the outdoor grilling.

However, winters are not so bad either, you can always head to warmer places with endless beaches and picturesque nature around. Whether it is winter or summer, beach holidays always call for the best collection of swimwear, beach wear, shorts, oversized t-shirts and some luxury men’s loungewear shorts to flaunt your style. Whether you are in the mood to knock that chilled drink, take a jog on the shoreline or just lounge around in a cafe- men’s luxury shorts are an essential part of your beach holidays.

Are you ready to swim deep in the sea?

Did we manage to persuade you to ditch the winters and go on a beach vacation? If yes and the sudden realisation of not having the stylish menswear shorts has hit you, we have it all covered for you.  Be it taking a dip in the pool, sunbathing on the beach, flaunting in the lounge or simply pairing it with printed shirts for an excellent Instagram click, the Rey&I collection of stylish men’s shorts is the perfect fit for every occasion. Just shop from the wide range of colourful Rey&I shorts and you will have an almirah full of luxury shorts.

 When it comes to shorts, men have different types of shorts in their clothes collection like swim shorts, workout shorts, casual party shorts and many more. The basic difference between all of them is material, construction and design. Nowadays, people try on different types of shorts with unique and distinctive t-shirts, shirts and hoodies like printed shorts- men prefer simple, light-coloured shirts. Here are a few things to keep in mind while shopping for stylish yet comfortable men’s shorts.

What are we looking for in shorts?

Well, there are different things that men want in their shorts like the design, print, size and many other things. It all depends on your height, your physical appearance and your choice. Rey& I shorts are fit for all body types and shapes. Let’s have a look at these important things

1. Fabric

Men prefer swim shorts that are lightweight and can be dried out easily once you are out of a pool or beach. There are certain materials that are perfect for men’s swimming shorts- recycled spandex, nylon and polyester as they can repel water and dry off at a faster pace. Well, you can also wear cotton in the pool but it will eventually pull you down. Cotton also gets heavy, takes longer to dry and restricts your body movement.

2. Size

One of the most important things to take care of, while buying shorts is the size and the measurement of the inseam length. One should be sure that their shorts are neither tight nor loose as if they are overly formfitting and restrictive - that would just allow the person to have a proper movement in the water or if they are way too loose then they would end up slipping off your waist and well, no one wants that. Choosing the right fit for your pool party is not big of a task but then again there are some things that must be kept in mind.

3. Designing and detailing

Well, most men feel more comfortable with a mesh lining in their swimwear which is a very common feature across the brands. It is used to provide support as swimming is like a sport. These little details matter a lot as the design and prints help you create an outfit of your choice.


When you are choosing your swimwear, make sure that you go through its fabric, fitting, design, print and other such things. Make your time in the water better by getting the right fit for your pool party or your vacation at the beach. So what are you waiting for? Roll up your sleeves, put on your favourite coloured Rey&I shorts and go for that swim.

Well, there are many shorts that men can try and experiment with depending on their preferences. They can always go monochromatic by wearing the same coloured shirt and shorts which can never go wrong or they can try some pop colours which would look amazing.

We all know how men have embraced shorts over the years- from just a school bottom wear to wearing them casually everywhere. The transition of shorts has been amazing as and when men's fashion wear evolved. There are several types of men’s shorts that they now prefer to wear indoors as well as outdoors. So what is your favourite type of shorts? Are you the type of person who can wear shorts anywhere? Well, then you are at the right place, let’s discuss some styling tips.

Styling Tips

More men would be willing to wear shorts if only they knew how comfortable and versatile they are to style with anything and everything. It is up to you, how you style your favourite pair of shorts with t-shirts, shirts or hoodies.

1. Denim shorts

A staple and must-have in your wardrobe, denim shorts are a cooler choice for your summer party. These types of shorts are a whole package as almost all coloured shirts, t-shirts and hoodies would look good on them. Keep your cool with these shorts during the summer season.

2. Coloured shorts

The pretty and unique coloured shorts are the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe. Dapper up your loungewear with the best-coloured shorts from Rey&I which are made from recycled marine plastic- hop on to a more sustainable choice.

3.Towel shorts

Classy and comfortable- towel shorts are easily available everywhere. One of the most common types of shorts- these shorts are of loose material which gives ultimate relaxation.


Men can wear shorts everywhere- be it during their daily walk in the park, at a summer party, a stroll by the beach or at your nearest mall. They just need to be selective while wearing shorts.

Men should know what type of shorts are appropriate, depending upon the occasion and guess what, our shorts perfectly fit every need.

Now, what are you waiting for wear that buttoned-down shirt with the best pair of coloured shorts from Rey&I and get that party going. Shop the best men’s and loungewear shorts for your happening pool and beach parties.




WRITTEN BY Rekha Jacob
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