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Introducing Plaj, the Rey&I Debut Print Collection

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we unveiled Plaj, our debut collection of the Rey&I men’s printed swimwear. A little later on why we chose women’s day for the launch, but first, more about Plaj.


Turkish for beach, Plaj is the perfect embodiment of our new collection of beach outfits for men. Transport yourself to quaint Turkish seaside towns peppered with pops of colour. Inspired by the warmth of the Aegean coasts, the Rey&I swim shorts collection was redesigned for a more tailored cut and is manufactured with a keen eye for sartorial detail to embody the essence of the Mediterranean.


Now what could women’s day have in common with mens swimming costumes? The short (pun intended!) answer is Fatima Farhad. Fatima is a young Afghan artist who created Plaj and is our first collaborator. Only 16, she escaped to India with her family to flee persecution by the Taliban. Inspired by the rich heritage of Afghanistan, Plaj is a collection of four colorful prints that evokes the intricacy of luxurious Afghan carpets, hand-woven silk patterns and detailed embroidery. The vivid prints speak the language of creativity, expression and celebration, forbidden in today’s Afghanistan. This is a country where women especially have very little freedom. Plaj is ultimately a collection that depicts the voice of artists, who refuse to be stifled.


A medley of sky blue, azure, and lime green, dotted with crimson paisleys, denotes the magic of Moroccan beaches and is sure to get temperatures soaring. Bursting with vibrant buoyancy, Marrakesh is an amalgamation of rich, robust and pure indulgence imagined in our signature sleek mid-thigh cut silhouette, with super soft fabric, reimagining mens beach outfits.


This pulsing mélange of cobalt blue, sienna orange and turquoise teamed with golden yellow florals raises the bar for men's swimwear. Why accept boring when you can wear the Byblos instead? Take these tantalising, printed tailored-meets-comfortable mens swimming costumes shorts from beachside to bar on repeat.


Forest green and lavender detailing with crimson and pink pops of colour create a party potpourri print, perfectly channelling the mystique of Turkish shores, anywhere. Team this Antalya beach outfit for men made of our with four-way stretch, with a white linen shirt or a comfy solid tee to go from wet to set in seconds.


Tangier is a Mediterranean mood encapsulated with amaranth pink, carmine, tangerine and lime green motifs entwined with energetic enthusiasm in smart, fitted swim shorts to create a beach look that's sure to turn heads. Stand out in the crowd with this exotic, intricate men summer clothing.


Plaj has set the (beach!) ball rolling for Rey&I to be a global platform for young, talented artists and designers to showcase their talent. In doing so, we hope to encourage many more artists to reach out for collaborations. Watch this space for exciting new designs coming your way!

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