Five Luxury Fall Getaways to add to your Bucket List

Summer might be the ideal time to travel but fall is not too far down on the list either. There’s just something about the changing colours of the leaves that makes one want to pack those bags and leave for a relaxing getaway, if you find that ideal destination, that is!

Chuck the worry of scouting that perfect spot and get ready to leave the worries of daily life behind. Here are five luxury international vacation destinations worth visiting during the autumn season.

1 Lanzarote, Canary Islands

Due to Lanzarote's location off of Africa's west coast, swimming is still often acceptable in December. Go to the island's southernmost, fine-sand Papagayo Beach to escape the tour bus crowds, or attempt world-class surfing in northwest Famara. The bizarre succulent amphitheatre- the Jardin de Cactus at Guatiza, or the starkly appealing Timanfaya National Park, a volcanic wilderness that was featured in the 1966 movie One Million Years BC. Don't forget about Finca Malvasia either, a beautiful ranch-style home in the heart of the wine country that is owned by two designers who left London for the island lifestyle. You might even join them after spending the winter in Lanzarote.


2 Essaouira, Morocco

Morocco is the perfect destination for a quick getaway for a blast of winter sun, even for a weekend getaway. Windswept beaches and surf communities like Taghazout and Tamraght, where it's all about relaxing in the sun, can be found along the coast. Essaouira is a feast for the senses: shisha smoke rises from rooftop bars, and freshly caught fish is barbecued over sizzling coals in shacks directly on the harbour. This free-spirited area, where Jimi Hendrix and Cat Stevens used to hang out, is home to numerous independent galleries and boutiques that sell goods manufactured in the area, like pottery and crafts.


3 Bahamas, Caribbean

In the Bahamas, peak season offers ideal weather with a side of beach crowding. Our advice is to head to Harbour Island, a three-mile long and mile and a-half wide stretch of breathtaking pink sand beaches, where there are always enough sun loungers for everyone. Bahama House, a stylish house with throwback Palm Beach vibes, a sunken tiki bar, and just 11 rooms, is the area's smartest hotel. You can benefit from personalised excursions like scuba diving in hidden caverns or swimming with pigs on Pig Beach as a part of Eleven Experience, a company that specialises in experiencing travel.


4 Iceland

The best chance to see the Northern Lights in November is during Iceland's long, dreary winter nights. Yes, you'll hear advice to keep your expectations in check and that aurora hunting is tough, but in a nation where it's not unusual to view the dance of the green veils as you leave the airport, you'd have to be quite unlucky to miss out. By choosing to stay at a location as deliciously far away as Deplar Farm, you can improve your chances. The greatest hotel in Iceland is a luxurious retreat on the isolated Troll Peninsula with activities like sensory deprivation pods and heli-skiing trips.


5  Sicily, Italy

Sicily appears to be a separate country from this island, despite the fact that it is technically a part of Italy. Its location in the Med, sandwiched between the north of Africa and the south coast of Italy, has led to an alluring contrast of cuisine, architecture, and culture. Many people are drawn to the island's sparkling coastline, which contrasts with parts of the town's flaking, faded grandeur. Smoking volcanoes also provide an exquisite backdrop. The largest island in the Mediterranean is also one of the most gastronomically inclined; from Palermo to Catania to Noto, eateries serve up traditional dishes made with remarkable ingredients that were produced in the volcanic soil there for ages.


WRITTEN BY Rekha Jacob
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