A Few Pointers to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Men's Loungewear

Get, Set, Lounge.

As the tones of summer are fading away and the air has started getting cooler and cooler, it is time to dapper up your loungewear. As the sun goes farther, you would not be blamed for snuggling into something warm and relaxing and crunching down for the next few months at home. Are you ready to welcome that winter wave by ditching your favourite pair of shorts and T-shirts? Well, most people enjoy those sun rays, sun tans, beachy energy, and shorts where you can just let loose yourself in the goodness of those summery vibes. You can always go on that long-awaited solo trip to beaches in Florida or Santorini. But before you pack for your trip, have you considered mixing up your style and taking all your coloured shorts so that you get those Insta-worthy pictures with those amazing views? Because who doesn’t want style and comfort both at the same time?

We all need those moments in life when we can feel stylishly luxurious yet comfortable. Talking about men’s fashion wear- they always feel that there are limited options for them. But that is not true- men have the luxury of edging up their boring shorts into something that is chic and stylish. Despite the fact that shorts are frequently considered for sleeping in, they are also a reflection of fashionable silhouettes. There has been an evident change in men’s fashion, in how they present themselves. Nowadays, men prefer to wear shorts, men’s swimwear, cotton nightshirts, hoodies, joggers, bermudas and whatnot- all in a wide range of colours, designs, fabrics and prints.

Exclusive Loungewear Collection

Can you dare to go outside in your shorts? Yes, absolutely! Why not? Styling these comfy and relaxing shorts while going out for a walk or while strolling around the mall is common nowadays. We know sometimes it gets confusing trying to figure out what exactly is acceptable to wear in public and what not to wear. This shift where people prefer casuals even outside the house changed how we dress for different kinds of occasions. Thus, the leisure niche was born as a fashion category that is what we call a blend of both stylish and comfortable. This category of men’s wear includes modern loungewear and beachwear. These are designed to work with the busy lifestyle of modern men. Let’s style the colourful shorts or loungewear from Rey&I and level up your styling game. Some pointers to keep in mind while shopping for comfortable shorts.

1. Bright colours

While buying shorts, men mostly prefer to go with neutral colours but why do we have to always go for a stereotypical option when we can easily play with bright-coloured tones? The men’s swimming shorts offered by Rey&I is available in vibrant colours that strike the perfect balance between style and comfort. Perfect for all types of beach parties, your amazing after parties or even for your daily walk to the park. We make sure that you look chic and contemporary all the time while giving those beautiful moments of comfort and relaxation.

2. Style it up

It is up to you- whether you want to keep your style minimalist or top it up a notch by getting all trendy and fashionable. Well, styling these amazing Rey&I beachwear shorts with casual t-shirts will give you a casual look but wearing them with shirts would give it a modish look. With our subtle yet attractive colours of loungewear and beachwear shorts, you can go monochromatic or melodious at any time and anywhere you want.

3. Fabric matters

Style is one aspect of loungewear but comfort is the top most thing which comes with the type of fabric you decide to wear. At Rey&I you will be offered swimwear with super soft fabric which can be easily stretched and dries up easily. Well, what else do we need, heading straight to the pool right before the party- Done! The fabric used in our shorts is super soft which gives ultimate comfort and relaxation. Carry your style with you everywhere.

So get ready to change your style with the changing trends in men’s fashion wear. Get your favourite coloured Rey&I shorts and head straight to the parties with style and comfort. Shop your favourite coloured men’s swimwear and take your fashion game to the next level.


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